Botanical gardens for the first day of (european) spring

Botanical Garden, Montevideo

Botanical Garden, Montevideo

Finally up to date with my blog!

I’ve been living in Montevideo for the past two months now. It’s a very nice city, but I believe you can see everything that is worth seeing in a few days or one week tops. On the other hand, it’s very quiet and a lot safer than Brazil, so it’s nice to hang out on the streets.

There is a saying that life is passing by and the uruguayans watch it going. This is the laziest big city I’ve ever been in. Before coming here I was very active and now I take 2 naps a day. Might as well do siesta if I’m in the capital of laziness.

But last weekend I managed to get out of the house to visit the Prado borough. It’s very boheme and quiet, it reminds me a bit of some neighborhoods in Bucharest. It was also nice that I could hear the birds singing in trees which rarely happens where I live.

There are some amazing old houses close to the Botanical Garden, but I enjoyed the park more. Gardens in South America aren’t as colorful as the european ones, but I already knew that from Rio. There are many flowers that grow on trees, but only during spring. However, the garden was quiet and fresh and everything was smelling great, so it was very relaxing.


Botanical Garden, Montevideo

Botanical Garden

Botanical Garden Montevideo

From there I went to the Japanese Garden, close to the Blanes Museum. This garden was a lot smaller and you can’t really enjoy it since they don’t let you sit down, but it’s the nicest I’ve seen.

Japanese Garden, Montevideo

Japanese Garden, Montevideo

Japanese Garden, Montevideo

Japanese Garden, Montevideo

Japanese Garden, Montevideo

Japanese Garden, Montevideo

In conclusion, the Prado borough is a great idea for a weekend. You can visit the museum and enter the gardens for free, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Having a picnic in the Botanical Garden is also a great idea, as well as enjoying a mate surrounded by nature.


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