busy Saturday


Last week-end I got to experience a new part of Rio when I visited Marina da Gloria, the harbor. One of the guys who stayed at the hostel is a sculptor and he came to Brazil to teach art classes to children and to be a part of a challenging mission called the Clipperton Project. On his final day in Rio he invited me in the harbor to partake a workshop with children and to check out the Rusalka boat that will take them to this adventure.

Here is a link to the project:


This is a project that aims to study the environment issues and it involves both scientist and artists. Usually these research projects involve only scientists, but this is different because the artists should help the scientists communicate the results of their studies to normal people. As a result, people should become more aware of the environmental problems.


I was expecting to see a big boat that would lead them to the expedition, so I was surprised to find a small boat. I`ve been on huge ferry-boats, but never on small scale ship like this, so it was really interesting from an architectural point of view.  The captain lives there with his wife and two children. I think the boat has a maximum capacity of 15 people, so it has four dorms, two toilets, the captain`s cabin, a living room and a kitchen. The interior space is minimalistic, so everything appears crowded. I liked the fact that the captain`s family transformed this into a home where you can feel comfortable. Because the boat is so small you can feel every wave, so I got a bit sea-sick and claustrophobic. I guess it will be difficult for my friend to adjust to the conditions, but I`m sure it will be worth it!


ImageI also saw a boat called Pangaea. The project aims to find 8 worthy people between 15 and 20 from each continent.  The boat takes them to a 3-weeks expedition where they learn about the environment. Here are more information about the boat and the project:  http://www.mikehorn.com/en/pangaea/pangaea-the-sailboat/

I didn`t think before how many opportunities a port can bring to a city. And who knows how many other ships with interesting stories stop in the bay!

In the same day my friend invited some kids in the harbor to check out the boat. The kids came with their parents and grandparents and they visited the boat as well. It was probably the first time on a boat for them, as it was for me. My friend gave them a presentation about the environment and the effects human activities have on the hydrosphere.

They also improvised workshop in the harbor café. Because they didn`t have a lot of money they used only plastic bottles of different sizes and shapes, scotch tape and thread and needles. The children were required to create sea creatures with these materials and they were very creative, as expected. I made an octopus and other kids made dolphins, jellyfishes, fishes, turtles, crabs and sharks.  It was a great experience for me and it was great meeting a sculptor in real life. Life in a hostel can be surprising and you never know who you`re gonna meet.


After being creative I went to an art fair called Feira Labradio that is held on a street near Lapa. There were many people selling hand-made clothes, jewelry, shoes, decorations, antiquities and many other things. They also had live music because some artists were performing on the street. There was even a radio station transmitting live from the event. It reminded me a lot of the atmosphere at the medieval fair in Sighisoara, except people were not wearing costumes. This fair is held on the first Saturday of each month. Once again I was surprised by the force of an event like this where everybody is dancing and having a great time!



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